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Privacy Policy

By registering with nuex.com you accept and agree to the Privacy Policy (“GDPR”) v. 15 may 2018 (Italian language is authentic)

UBIQUIBIT S.R.L. (or “Company”) is concerned with the protection of trusted personal data. Even, their management and their security is guaranteed with the most attention, conforming to all standards of privacy as set out by EU legislation 679/2016 (“GDPR”). The present privacy policy refers to the platform software where at the site www.nuex.com (“Nuex”), and describes the activity of the handling of personal information carried out by UBIQUIBIT S.R.L. across Nuex, and is the managed property of the company. Nuex is also present on the following social network: Facebook: Nuex; Twitter: @Nuex_com; Telegram: @nuex. The company recognises the importance of the privacy of their own users and treats them with equal respect. This instruction, illustrates who we are, to what purposes we would be able to utilize your personal information, how we manage them, to who we could be in communication with, where they could be transferred to, and what your rights are.

1 How does Nuex work?

Nuex is a platform and the property of the Company, that permits the exchange of cryptocurrency and tokens between the Users.

At the act of user registration (“User”) in Nuex, a personal account will be opened dedicated to you (“ User Account”) and by, inserting your personal data, you will be able to take advantage of the above services stated and as so better described in Nuex’s General Conditions of Service: Terms of Service .

The only pursued objective of Nuex is to consent to the meeting between question and offer of cryptocurrency and purchased tokens by the users beyond the reach of the Nuex platform.

2 Who will have my information?

Your personal data will be handled by the the owner of: UBIQUIBIT S.R.L. (referred below as the “Owner”) P.IVA: 038800880365 Tangenziale Bruno Losi 12 41012 Carpi (MO) Email: [email protected]

3 Who is in charge of handling my data?

UBIQUIBIT S.R.L. entrusts the processing of personal data, for the purposes described below, to employees or collaborators within the Company who have been entrusted with the treatment in accordance with art. 29 GDPR (the "Authorized") and external suppliers for the same purposes, in compliance with art. 28 GDPR (the "Managers").

The list of managers and related activities is available at the holder's office or can be requested by email at: [email protected]

The company reserves the right to locate ulterior Authorised subjects or subjects In-charge ex art. 28 GDPR or substitute those current, in updating the present privacy disclaimer or making available a new list at the legal headquarters of the Company.

The Company has moreover adopted an internal company policy and a ruling to discipline the management of your personal details.

Our staff and the Authorised handling of the information are subject to appraisal on the standards and regulations in line with Personal Data Protection in act of art. 47, lett. N) GDPR.

4 What type of Data is handled?

For the user that opens a Nuex account
Country of residence
Information of usage of the site www.nuex.com
For those that intend to log onto the Chat Box
Photo of Identity Card and/or Passport
Residency address
For those that intend to receive integrated communication notifications by way of email
Mobile number and Telegram ID
For the function of Deposit and Withdrawal
Delivery address of the Wallet from and destination
For those that request the invoicing of the commision fee
Name and surname or region/name of company
Fiscal code and/or VAT number
Residency address/legal headquarters

5 Where is your personal information kept?

The company handles and keeps the personal data gathered in digital or electronic format or through the assistance of the database in Cloud Heroku (Amazon). All the data is protected by the username and password with cryptographic protocol SSL.

6 Why do we need your personal details?

6.1 The owner will use the personal data exclusively to allow the Company to provide the service of the Nuex platform and also for managing contacts and sending messages, hosting and backend infrastructure, statistics and registration and authentication. The consent is necessary to fulfill the service offered to the User (Article 6, point 1, letter B GDPR) and to comply with legal obligations on the part of the User (Article 6, point 1, letter C, GDPR) . The entity and the adequacy of the Personal Data provided will be assessed from time to time, in order to determine the resulting decisions and avoid the processing of Personal Data in excess of the purposes pursued. We will not use your personal data for any other purpose other than those described in this statement, if not by informing you in advance and, where necessary, obtaining your consent.

6.2 The Company may send you commercial and promotional material only if You have given appropriate and separate consent in this regard, pursuant to art. 6, point 1, lett. A GDPR and of this Privacy Policy.

6.3 The Company may send service notices and, if You have given appropriate and separate consent, commercial and promotional communications, through the use of electronic mail, fax, SMS, MMS, chat telegram, whatsapp, automatic systems without operator intervention and similar, including electronic platforms and other telematic means) as well as by paper mail or telephone calls by operator

7 How long will your information be kept?

The personal information will be held, departing from there receipt/updating, for a conguous period in keeping with the aim of handling as mentioned above.

Below shows the duration of diverse handling:

Category Duration Main statutory references
Candidates to collaborate with Nuex Maximum 24 months art 5 lett. e) del Reg UE 2016/679.
Customers and suppliers 5 - 10 years art. 2948 civil code that provides the prescription of 5 years for periodical payments; art. 2220 civil code that provides the conservation for 10 years of the accounting records; art. 22 del D.P.R. 29 September 1973, n.600 as well as in other speculations in the established conservation of the law.
Customers, for aims of marketing (either first or third party) In line of the prescribed terms of the law for the typology of activity and however until withdrawal of consent or until the exercise of right of opposition art. 21 Reg. UE 2016/679

8 Will you share my information with any other subjects outside of UBIQUIBIT S.R.L.?

To be able to bring to effect the service of Customer Service, through Your Information they will be communicated to the Freshworks, Inc. 1250 Bayhill Drive, Suite 315, San Bruno, CA 94066 with a CC to [email protected] (https://freshdesk.com/gdpr)

The Personal Data, moreover, will be able to be communicated to the head or Sub-heads for the specific aim of handling as indicated above.

Your Personal Data will be able to be communicated to third parties for promotional aims and marketing, of which you will have in this regard given consent to.

9 What are my rights?

In whichever situation, you will have the right to ask:

the access of your personal information;
there rectification in case of any inaccuracies;
the limitation of there handling;

You will have also:

the right to oppose there handling:
if handled for the pursuing of a legitimate interest of UBIQUIBIT S.R.L.;
if handled for aims of direct marketing;
the right of their portability, namely to receive in a structured format, of common usage and legible automatic device to the personal data provided by you.

We will take on board Your request with the most importance to guarantee the effectiveness of your exercised rights. In the end, you will have the right to complain to the Authority of national control (Guarantor Privacy).

10 Can I withdraw my consent after providing it?

Yes, you will be able to withdraw, in whichever moment, Your consent, without that which can, nethertheless:

prejudice the lawfulness of handling based on the consent provided before revocation;
prejudice ulterior handling of the provided information of others on a judicial basis.

11 Other questions…

For ulterior information on the present disclaimer, or on whichever privacy theme related to our Company, or if you wish to exercise your rights or withdraw your consent, you will be able to apply directly to the Owner, by entering the proposed section to the management of the personal information, once connected to the site and the Login has been put into effect: /accountSettings/accountLevel

For more information visit the site of the Italian Guarantor Privacy: www.garanteprivacy.it