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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy refers to the website www.nuex.com (“Website”) managed and operated by the Company UBIQUIBIT S.R.L., VAT NO. 038800880365, ADDRESS: Tangenziale Bruno Losi 12 41012, Carpi (MO) Email: [email protected] Cookies are small text files sent to the user by the website visited. Cookies are stored on the computer hard drive, in such a way as to help the website to recognize the users and remember certain information about them, in order to enable or enhance the service provided. There are different types of cookies. Some of the cookies are necessary to browse the Site, others have different purposes such as to ensure internal security, to administer the system, to carry out statistical analysis, to understand which sections of the Site are most visited by users or to offer a customized Site browsing. The Site adopts technical and non-technical cookies. What illustrated above refers to both the user’s computer and to any other device that the user may use to browse the Site.

Technical cookies are cookies used for the sole purpose of providing the services offered through the site These cookies are not used for any other purpose and they are typically installed by the website owner himself or by the website content manager. These cookies can be divided into browsing or session cookies, which ensure normal browsing and usage of the website (for instance, allowing to process a purchase or to authenticate in order to log in to private areas); analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies where they are used directly by the site manager in order to collect information, jointly, on the number of users and the way they browse the site; functionality cookies, that allow the user to browse by a series of criteria (such as the language, the items selected to be purchased) selected in order to enhance the service provided. Disabling cookies may restrict the usage of the Site and disallow full usage of the features and services provided on the Site. In order to elect what cookies to accept and what to reject, a description of the cookies used on the Site is provided below.

The types of Cookies used:

First party Cookies:
First party cookies (i. e. cookies belonging to the site of the editor who created them) are set by the website visited by the user, the address of which appears in the URL. Usage of these cookies enable us to make the site work efficiently and to track patterns of visitors’ behavior.
Third party Cookies:
Third party cookies are set by a domain other than that visited by the user. If a user browses a site and a different company sends the information making use of that site, this involves third party cookies.
Session Cookies:
The so-called ‘session cookies’ are temporarily memorized and they are deleted as soon as the user stops browsing. If the user logs in to the Site, he/she can use cookies that collect personal data in order to identify the user in his/her subsequent visits and to facilitate access to - log in to the Site (for instance, by storing the user’s username and password) and browsing. Furthermore, Ubiquibit uses cookies for system management purposes. The Site may show links to other sites. Ubiquibit has no access to or control over cookies, web beacons or other tracking technologies used on third party sites that the user may enter from the Site, accessibility, contents and materials published on or made available through said sites, or their personal data processing policies; in this regard, considering the great number of these third party sites, Ubiquibit expressly declines any related responsibility. The user should verify the privacy policy set up by third party sites he/she visits in order to learn about personal data processing policy, considering that Ubiquibit Privacy Policy only refers to the Site, as described above.
Persistent Cookies:
Persistent cookies are memorized in the users’ device among browser sessions, allowing to remember the user’s settings or activities on a site. They can be used for several purposes: for instance, to remember settings and options chosen while using the Site.
Essential Cookies:
These cookies are strictly necessary to use the Site. Without these cookies some parts of the Site would not work. For instance, they include cookies that enable to log in to protected areas of the Site. These cookies do not collect marketing-oriented information and cannot be disabled.
Functionality Cookies:
These cookies are used to recognize a user who has previously browsed the Site. They allow to customize contents and remember settings (for instance, the language set or the region).These cookies do not collect information that may identify the user. All information collected is anonymous.
Social Network-sharing Cookies:
These cookies facilitate site contents sharing through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To find out more about their privacy e cookie policies, please visit the social network websites. As far as concerns Facebook and Twitter, the user can visit https://www.facebook.com/help/cookies and https://twitter.com/privacy.

Below is a detailed list of the main cookies used in the Site, their functionality (whether they are necessary or not), their description, purposes and duration:

We use cookies to verify your account and determine when you’re logged in so we can make it easier for you to access to Nuex.com and show you the appropriate experience and features.
Security, site and services integrity
We use cookies to help us keep your account, data and Nuex services safe and secure.
Site features and services
We use cookies to enable the functionality that helps us provide the Nuex services.
We use cookies to provide you with the best experience possible.
Analytics and research
We use cookies to better understand how people use the Nuex services so that we can improve them.

How to change cookie settings

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user is typically enabled to change settings in order to disable such feature. It is possible to block all types of cookies, or to accept to receive only certain ones and disallow others. The section \"Options\" or \"Settings\" in the browser toolbar enable not to receive cookies and other user-tracking technologies, and enable to be notified by the browser about the activation of these technologies. As an alternative, the “Support” section in the toolbar of most browsers can be read.

It is also possible to select the browsers - Internet Explorer; - Chrome; - Safari; - Firefox; - Opera. From mobile: - Android; - Safari; -Windows Phone; - Blackberry.

To find out more about cookies and to manage cookie settings (first party and/or third party cookies), please visit www.youronlinechoices.com platform. However, it is to remember that disabling browsing cookies and functionality cookies may cause the Site not to work efficiently and/or limit the service provided by Ubiquibit.