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Market Capitalization
USD 29,799,528.509
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USD 0.0390926965093
Date (UTC)
2019-02-23 03:50:18
Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a smart gaming cryptocurrency powering a game development ecosystem that will enable developers to create groundbreaking, blockchain-based games - and empower gamers with a wondrous concept - true item ownership.
Built by Enjin, the largest social gaming network in the world, with 20 million users spread out hundreds of thousands of gaming communities, Enjin Coin is a project with a single purpose - to fundamentally disrupt the gaming industry.
Enjin Coin is a gaming utility token - built by a 9 years old, established game industry company processing millions of USD per month in virtual goods sales. It will enable crypto-traders to participate in the $115Bn global game industry market, by allowing them to invest in video games, trade high-valued virtual gaming items - or simply profit as the Enjin Coin-powered gaming meta-economy grows and evolves in size and value.
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35671.36400854 ENJ