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Six Global Banks Sign Up to Issue Stablecoins on IBM’s Now-Live Blockchain Network
Six international banks have reportedly signed letters of intent to issue their own stablecoins backed by their national fiat currencies on IBM’s now-live blockchain-powered payments network, “World Wire.” The news was jointly announced by IBM and Stellar during a keynote at Money 2020 Asia in Singapore, financial news channel Cheddar reported on March 18.
Nuex new feature
The Nuex team is glad to announce the new saving address system! From today you will be able to save your addresses so you do not have to rewrite them with the fear of being able to make mistakes.
Bitcoin Breaks $4,000 as Top Cryptos See Growth
Nearly all of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting slight to noteworthy gains on the day by press time. Bitcoin (BTC) has broken the $4,000 mark.
L'operatore del mercato finanziario spagnolo testa certificati elettronici per garanzie reali su blockchain
Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), l'operatore che gestisce il mercato finanziario spagnolo, ha completato con successo un programma pilota basato sulla tecnologia blockchain relativo a dei certificati elettronici per garanzie reali. Sviluppato in collaborazione con Renta 4 Banco, il progetto mira ad eliminare l'utilizzo delle certificazioni fisiche digitalizzando tutti i processi e fornendo agli utenti del network accesso in tempo reale ai dati. Come spiegato all'interno del comunicato stampa ufficiale, la nuova piattaforma ha permesso ai partecipanti di ridurre i tempi d'elaborazione di oltre l'80%. Il Proof-of-Concept (PoC) del programma pilota è stato sviluppato da DLT-Lab, una divisione di BME, che si occupa di ricercare potenziali utilizzi della blockchain per il miglioramento delle procedure finanziarie tradizionali, spesso collaborando con organi di regolamentazione o grandi istituzioni.
EU Report Calls for Blockchain Interoperability Standards
A recent report to the European Union made recommendations on how to better develop blockchain technology, including the introduction of interoperability and scalability standards. The report was published by the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum on March 6. The report dubbed “Scalability, Interoperability And Sustainability of Blockchains” was prepared by blockchain tech firm ConsenSys on behalf of the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum. It provides insight into the current and potential future states of blockchain in Europe, considering the input of different stakeholders and sources. The authors recommend standards for digital identities and interoperability between blockchains, stating that “we can expect that over time it will become easier and easier for disparate blockchains to work together. This will be to the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole.”
Dubai Real Estate Giant Emaar to Launch ETH Token, Considers ICO in Europe
Dubai-based real estate giant Emaar has announced plans to launch a token and is considering holding an initial coin offering (ICO) in Europe, English-language local media Arabian Business reports on March 11.
Per the article, the token will be developed by Swiss blockchain startup Lykke, and will grant Emaar’s customers and stakeholders access to the referral and loyalty system across the entire company. Emaar is the largest real estate company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), responsible for the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera.
New Partnership Allows TrueUSD Traders to Audit The Coin’s Backing Assets
new partnership between stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD) and accounting firm Armanino purportedly allows traders to conduct instant audits of the token’s backing. The news was announced by TrueUSD in a blog post on Mar. 5.
The dashboard developed by Armanino purportedly enables traders to monitor TrueUSD token balances and collateralized funds. “Armanino connects directly to third-party escrow accounts holding the U.S. dollars that collateralize TrueUSD tokens, and runs their own ETH nodes to ensure accurate TUSD token supply,” the post details.
Ukraine Completes Pilot Scheme for E-Hryvnia National Digital Currency
Ukraine’s central bank has completed a pilot scheme for its national digital currency, the e-hryvnia, local press agency Interfax Ukraine reported on Feb. 22.
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), which has been considering the concept for at least a year, began the pilot in December 2018, the head of its payment networks and innovative growth department Aleksandr Yablunivskiy revealed.
Huobi Global Absorbs Australian Unit Amid Bear Market, Reveals Recent Layoffs
Eight months after its launch, Huobi’s Australian subsidiary is to be subsumed under the Huobi Global canopy, according to an official tweet published on Feb. 24. In a Facebook post published today, Feb. 25, Huobi Australia cited the crypto market slump and fresh redundancies as the reason for the development.
CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz Suggests Creation of Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization
United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner Brian Quintenz has suggested that participants in the cryptocurrency industry should create a self-regulatory structure. Quintenz made his remarks during a Bipartisan Policy Center panel held on Feb. 12.
More precisely, Quintenz said that because of the CFTC’s lack of crypto statutory oversight capability, he suggested that crypto “platforms come together to form some type of self-regulatory structure where they can discuss, agree to, implement, and hopefully examine or audit.”
According to Quintenz, such an organization could carry out audits concerning conflicts of interest, business conduct, insider trading, redemptions, custody and liquidity.